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SMD has produced innovations in vacuum nanoelectronics, including field emission displays, high power amplifiers, terahertz sources, hardened cold cathodes, UV-C sources and various advanced X-ray sources.  Support has been provided by private contracts and by the government agencies shown below.


In 2008 SMD established Stellarray, Inc. to commercialize a novel flat panel X-ray source for use in sterilization, security and medical imaging.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology provided support for this technology under the Advanced Technology Program, which has led to several commercial opportunities.  Stellarray is commercializing the panels themselves and products using them, such as a small irradiator for blood transfusion safety.

SMD can supply advanced field emission cold cathodes as well as hermetic packages sealed at room temperature for the MEMS industry.  We do our work in a well-equipped 15,000 sq. ft. development and custom production facility in north Austin.